What she saw

He wasn’t a handsome chap. He wasn’t rich or intelligent. He had his quirks, his issues, his baggage. Don’t we all? But she saw in him something so much more important than any of that; his heart. She saw, in those kind eyes, right down into his caring, nurturing, giving soul.

Her friends judged her. They mocked & laughed at her choice of boyfriend, then partner, then husband. But she saw through their cruelty. She saw their jealousy, their wish for a man as warm-hearted and tender as he.

He might not be their idea of perfect, but he was hers.

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  1. Jfb57

    This is so beautifully written Liv! Gentle but deep in love. We all see beauty is a different wat and thank goodness for that. Thanks for stopping by & sharing on 100WCGU! xx

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