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Sunday Stationery

Today I had to have a root through my drawers for something to share for Sunday stationery. In my rooting I came across these little beauties; two address books, both of which I love but have never used.

I believe they were both from The Works when I was in the UK, so some time ago! Having dug them out I feel the need to use at least one of them to replace my current address book which looks lovely but squeaks every time I turn a page! My current one is bigger and spiral bound and I think the paper is on too tight or something. Anyway…

address books

Now comes the real dilemma: which address book to use! I love them both, obviously because I bought them both, but I’m not sure which is more me! The fairy appeals to my woo-woo side, while the stylish ladies appeals to my fashion loving, modern side.

Of course, once I do decide which to use, I have to figure out what to do with the other one! I will no doubt keep it for several more years until I need a new address book, by which time I will have no doubt forgotten about it!

Do you find yourself hoarding cute address books and things? Or do you only buy things to use them?

The Reading Residence


  1. The Reading Residence

    Both are very pretty, I don’t know how you’ll decide! I don’t hoard address books, as I just buy those when I need them, but washi tapes, notebooks, notecards and writing sets – yes, I have a lot!!!

  2. jax

    I *think* I prefer the fashion one.

  3. Stephanie

    I think I’d go for the one with the two girls on.

    I’m a hoarder of things too pretty to use. I Jan I decided I want buying any more note books. I last 3 weeks. I bough another one today!

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