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Personalising my bedroom

I live with my parents and, because of that, I only have the one room that I can really express myself in; my bedroom, and lately I’ve been trying to make it more my own. I did choose the wallpaper and the material that acts as curtains for my wardrobe rail, and I still love those things, but the little things need a bit of a refresh.

On one wall I did have two collages; one of my Dad and one of my Gran, but a few weeks ago I bought a print of a Fairy, a super cute one in similar colours to my room, to replace one of the collages. After getting a frame for it, it now hangs beautifully on my wall.

After popping that up I dug out my old pin board and decided that I could inject some inspiration into my life using it. I had a dig around on the interwebs to find some inspirational quotes that I loved, printed them off, decorated them with a bit of washi tape, and then pinned them to the board. There’s still plenty of room for actual notes, photos and other stuff but every time I look at it I feel inspired and happy, the pink fairy lights help too!

Pin Board

There are some bigger things that could do with a change too though; I think, given my stiffness when I get up in the morning, I could do with a new double mattress. Maybe if I got back into my yoga that would change though. My desk is a bit boring too but, to be honest, it’s so covered in stuff it doesn’t matter that much!

So here’s what part of my wall looks like now, I think it’s much more me. I did initially feel a bit guilty for taking down the collages of my Dad & Gran, but I know it doesn’t mean I love them any less or that I’m forgetting them. I just feel that my room needs to be an expression of myself and I’m a fairy & inspirational quote loving kinda girl!

pin board and print

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  1. Morgan Prince

    Brilliant! Love your inspiration board – I could do with one of those! Great post. x

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