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Weight loss: Week 14

I think I was mentally prepared for a gain this week. I have munched a large bag of Malteasers, drunk several glasses of wine & Bailey’s, over-eaten at meals. Basically, this week has been a write off. That’s OK though, I needed a week to relax, to enjoy food that has been mostly off limits, to just emotionally flop.

So, imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scales this morning and saw a 1lb loss! Well, initially I saw a maintain, I was so shocked I got off the scales and got back on again (I’m doing this a lot recently…) and then saw a 2lb loss! I’m averaging it out (I’m using old fashioned scales while I save up for a set of electronic, fancy pants ones) and calling it a 1lb loss this week. To be honest, even if I called it a maintain it would be a bloody miracle!september selfie

This week though, I intend to be better, to put some effort in again! I’ve had my week off and now it’s time to knuckle under again!

Current weight: 15stone 7lbs

This week will involve less (or no) chocolate, no alcohol and smaller portions again. I feel motivated again this week, especially now I’m seeing changes in my body; my face is slimmer, my waist is visibleish again, I feel better in my skin again now. I’m really pleased I started this weight loss journey, I am doing so much better than I expected to do and now I’m seeing the difference I have something to keep me going!

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  1. Cheryl Pasquier

    Woohoo I love those weeks when you can pull one over on the scales ! I laughed at your bit about getting off and back on the scales again – I do that too ! lol

  2. Sim @ Sims Life

    Oh chick WELL DONE!!! Look at your weight going down – that is fantastic and you are certainly on target for your Christmas goal! I always used to find smaller portions and portion control really hard but losing weight and being on diets has helped me get there and I am certainly more conscious these days. Hope you are rocking this week chick! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week! Sim xx

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