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Dear So & So: Self-love letter

Dear Me,

september selfie

I am so proud of your weight loss, the weight loss itself and the determination you are showing to improve your health. Go you! High five! You are doing amazingly, keep up the good work!

But now to the reason I was inspired to write to you again today: today you took some selfies, as you do regularly, and then hopped out to lunch. On your return from lunch you checked those selfies, and something amazing happened; you saw a pretty young woman!

Shock horror: You are that pretty young woman!

Today something hit you. Today you saw something that other people have been seeing for so long. Today, all those good, lovely words that other people tell you sunk in and you felt they were true!

This is huge news my love. This is big. Sure, you’ll brush it off with comments like “oh, my hair was freshly done,” or “my make-up was especially well put together,” but that’s not what makes you pretty. No. Your insides are shining out of you, your desire to improve yourself, to be a good person, to help others, that is all oozing out of you and finally you are seeing what other people see.

God, I am so proud of you right now. So thrilled for you. If I could, I would throw my arms around you and embrace you in the biggest hug ever, because what a huge step this is for you. What a ginormous leap forward in your battle for self-love.

Keep taking those selfies so you can see your true self. But, most importantly, keep believing that you are beautiful.

Lots of love,


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  1. Michelle Twin Mum

    Ohh that is briliant, I am SO proud of you too. Massve well done. Mich x

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