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WIWW: #thisisplus

lacy selfieToday is Wednesday (for those who hadn’t noticed!), and on occasion I have been known to share what I wore because, well, it’s ‘what I wore Wednesday.’

Today I am doing just that, but for an even better reason than to just share my style with you. Today I’m sharing as part of a hashtag that is rocking my world! Today I want you to know that #thisisplus, that plus is not just tall and curvy, that plus comes in many sizes and shapes.

The #thisisplus hashtag was started by KattCupcake over at A Curvy Cupcake and has spread across social media like wildfire, you can follow the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Rightly so, because the campaigns of certain plus size brands haven’t been as inclusive as they should have been. So the #thisisplus revolution is here to represent everyone.

I’m big of belly, bum and thigh. I’m a size 18ish, I weigh over 15 stone and I’m about 5’5″, and I deserve to be represented. I deserve to see models that look like me in magazines and on the TV, I need to see mannequins that match my vital statistics more closely wearing awesome clothes so that I feel inspired to buy that top or those trousers. I don’t want to be ‘represented’ by size 16, super tall models with a body shape that is nothing like mine.

Katt explains her idea like this:

#thisisplus exists to show the international plus size industry that they need to take note. To change things up and start celebrating ALL plus size bodies, not opt for the same old formula that showcases only a tiny percentage of the people it is supposed to represent.

So here’s my selfie, I think I rocked this outfit today, all in size XL, will you be supporting the hashtag? What are your thoughts?


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