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What is the point of self-love?

What is the point of self-love?

Many of you may be wondering exactly why I’m bothering with self-love September and/or what the point of self-love is. So today I thought I’d muse on those exact questions.

I am taking part in self-love September because I want to learn to love myself, to accept myself as I am, and to be kind to myself. While I know that much of my self-hate and negative self talk stems from my mental illness, I am determined to try to control it, as much of it as possible, I don’t want to just lie down and stop fighting it because it’s an illness.

For me, self-love is incredibly important. It’s about filling your cup up so you can help fill others’ too. How can you be the best partner/parent/friend that you can be if you are worn down and hating on yourself? I truly believe that you need to be well looked after to be able to do a good job of being a good person and helping those around you. Not only that though, everyone deserves to be loved, taken care of and valued, and that starts with ourselves.

It’s really important to realise that self-love isn’t egotistical or narcissistic, it’s not about thinking you are better than everyone else, but about seeing your true self; the good and the bad, and embracing it all because each bit makes you who you are. It doesn’t mean you can’t work at changing things that you aren’t so keen on, maybe you gossip too much, or are more judgmental than you’d like, then by all means take yourself to task over those things, work on improving yourself, but don’t do it at the expense of loving yourself right now.

I guess my main take-home from Kelly-Ann’s teaching is that who I am right now may not be who I want to be, but I can still love and accept myself while working on growing into a better person too.

What does self-love mean to you? Why is it important? Or do you think it’s all woo and nonsense?

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