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Weight loss with Club Kylie: Week 12

This week was a week between guests, so we’ve all been busy getting ready for them. I’ve been able to watch what I’ve eaten more easily and as a result have lost the 2lbs I gained last week! Hooray!

I was pretty surprised that I lost, so much so I actually got on and off the scales 3 times to check this morning! Pleased, but shocked! It makes me feel a bit better about what will inevitably be a gain again this coming week. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself to focus on weight loss while we have guests, I want to enjoy their light purplec
ompany and part of that is enjoying the good meals we share.

Current weight: 15stone 10lbs

Total 12 week weight loss: 12lbs

Positives of the week:
Honestly, this week I haven’t kept a note of my positives of the week. On Sunday we went for a 5.5km walk with our guests, on Saturday I did some exercise at agility, otherwise it’s been a quiet week on the exercise front. I’ve eaten a bit less this week, at least until our new guests arrived on Friday, so the weekend has included puddings and goodies!

So, back to my initial goals for this 12 week challenge:

  • Reduce my chocolate intake.
  • Reduce my portion sizes.
  • Listen to my confidence pod and chocoholic pod every day.
  • Lose weight, but don’t get hung up on the numbers.
  • Drop a dress size.
  • Get down to under 16 stone.

I have done really well with them and am super proud! I am eating barely any chocolate of an evening now so my chocolate intake is massively reduced. My portion sizes are slowly being reduced without still feeling hungry. I’ve lost 12lbs which might not be a lot to some, it’s certainly not a fast weight loss, but slow and steady loss will hopefully stay off, and it has brought me down to the next stone bracket. Dress size wise I would say I have dropped a size, because my old size 18 jeans now fit.

I’m so thankful to the Thinking Slimmer chocoholic pod, it has really changed my life. I’m also incredibly thankful to all of you for your lovely, supportive comments, for being my cheerleaders and boosting me when I was struggling.

My weight loss journey doesn’t end here though. I still have several stone left to lose (I daren’t count how many I have left to go, it will dishearten me). So my weekly weigh ins and posts will continue for some time, so I’ll see you next week!

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  1. Cheryl Pasquier

    Woohoo go you ! I’m getting back into listening to my Slimpod too – the voice of Trevor is very soothing at the end of a long day. Love your idea of losing weight without being hung up on the numbers – but I’m a bit of a scales junkie !

  2. Kirsty Hijacked By Twins

    I need to start listening to Trevor again! Well done on your weight loss, I really do believe in doing it gradually will keep it off x #WeightlossWednesday

  3. Morgan Prince

    Awesome! Well done, that’s some great loss. Setting yourself smaller goals is the way to go and it seems to be working well for you. xx

  4. Sim @ Sims Life

    Well done on dropping a dress size chick! It is the most awesome feeling and will keep you spurred on! Well done on your 2lb loss too, absolutely fantastic! You are always so busy, I am always jealous reading your posts – I have too much time on my hands to think about dieting. I do think that if you are busy it is much easier to forget about it all and crack on. Barely eating chocolate in the evenings is a great achievement – well don you! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday as always and hope to see you again this week!xxx

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