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Self-Love September: Week 3

light purpleIt’s week 3 of self-love September already! Fortunately I have had a better week when it comes to self-love.

The main thing you may notice is that my hair has gone from an odd blonde/brown colour to bleach blonde and pink! I adore it. I did actually share a post about my new look earlier this week, but for those of you who missed it I basically said that, with this awesome new hair, I feel more like me. Like my outside represents my inside more.

It’s surprising for me to feel that way, especially as I stand out from the crowd now. I never thought I’d want to be noticeable, to look ‘different,’ but I do. I care much less about the fact people are staring now, because they are seeing the real me. Now I am seeing the real me too, even carrying the extra several stone, I feel happier in my body, happier to look in the mirror now, because I can see my real self staring back.

I’ve always known a fabulous hair cut or colour can change how you feel about yourself, but I didn’t realise it could make quite this much of a difference!

So my top tip this self-love September is to figure out who you are (easier said than done, I know!), how you want to look, and take the plunge, however nervous it makes you. I was a bit worried that pink wouldn’t suit me, or would limit my clothing options too much (silly, I know!), but I’m so pleased that I took that risk.

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