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candyfloss hair

Despite my pledge as a young girl to never dye my hair (or smoke, or drink…), once I was in my 20s I developed a penchant for changing up my hair colour and style. This love for change in that area has led to me going from my natural blonde to black, to purple, to red, to brown, and now, to bleach blonde & pink.

After reading some good reviews of Crazy Color, I decided to order their bleaching kit and a bottle of Candyfloss dye (I’ll be trying Marshmallow next time). Their dyes are temporary so I’m not sure how long it will last, but hopefully a while!

The bleaching was much easier than I expected, but I would say that, if you have short hair like me, you only need use 1 of the sachets and half the solution, I used it all because it was my first time and had half the mix left.

Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a review, but I know some of you will be interested in where I got the dye from, etc. This post was actually another self-love September inspired post because, while I was sat supping a coffee waiting for my Mum to finish her shopping, I noticed people were staring at me. I hate that, I would rather blend in than stand out. Of course, now that is more difficult! But today I felt different; I felt less threatened, more confident, because I love my new hair! I didn’t care so much that they were looking at me, I didn’t overthink what they might be thinking about me, because I am happy with my look.

Sure I don’t look perfect; I still need to lose another several stone and I still have poor skin, but I feel like the outside of me represents the inside of me much more now. I feel like me.

I would never have thought, even a year or so ago, that ‘me’ would have 7 ear piercings and pink hair. I always thought that ‘me’ was blonde, demure, fashionable, but no. The real me is emerging, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, and she is proud to be different, she doesn’t want to be ‘normal,’ she wants to embrace her differences and her own style, and slowly she will learn not care what anyone else thinks.

candyfloss hair

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  1. chickenruby

    according to my husband I’m having a permanant midlife crisis, we met when i had blue hair aged 28 and i still enjoy putting coloured streaks in it now. I also have 12 ear piercings, 7 in one ear and 5 in the other. Ia’ve never cared what other people think, just go for it and enjoy

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