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What’s made me happy

Today I discovered Helpful Mum‘s wonderful “What has made me happy” linky, and, being a bit of a linky lover, I thought I’d join in!

This week’s happiness is brought to you by seeing my Mum so happy to be spending quality time with her oldest friend and also her goddaughter. They came to stay for a week and it was lovely to see them catching up after having lost contact for so long. They only recently got back in touch, thanks to Facebook, and have about 30 years to catch up on!

Fougeres Castle

carbonaraThis week has also been full of delicious food, and sharing those meals with friends. Even though the result of eating too much yummy food hasn’t made me happy, the memories of those meals are more important.

And I’ve also been somewhat proud of some of the photos I’ve taken, specifically the ones I took while playing about with a manual focus 50mm lens in the local gardens. They may not be award winning, but it’s been ages since I got my 50mm lens out and I never use manual focus usually, so it was all a bit of an experiment! I’m really pleased with how some of them turned out, and that I felt comfortable playing with the lens, rather than feeling like I was out of my depth. I’m hoping to use it more often again now because I really like it as a lens, and it’s challenging for me to use too, so when our next visitors arrive on Friday I’m thinking I’ll stick to my 50mm while they’re over and just take my kit lens for emergencies!


Flowers and bench

pink flowers

What has made you happy this week/month/today?

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  1. Tinuke

    Oh that’s so lovely that Facebook reuinted your mum and her friend!
    Your photos are beautiful, I love the one of the cockeral – how he’s perfectly in focus and the netting in frnt of him isn’t. Very artistic.
    I’ve got a 40mm lens that I’m in love with but would like to add a 50mm to my kit too!

  2. HelpfulMum

    Thank you so much for joining in. It’s a linky that I really should have kept on top of over the summer but failed! I love that you are happy for your mum. The chicken looks very handsome and the food looks delicious!

  3. chickenruby

    lovely photos and hope your mum and her friend enjoyed their catch up. Hubby and I are currently visiting the UK seeing our adult children, which makes us happy and catching up with old friends

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