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Self-Love September: Week 2

Last week my first self-love September post of this year went up, it had been an up and down week. This week has been, well, mostly down when it comes to self-love.

I’ve been super busy¬†because we’ve had guests staying and, as a result, I’ve found myself too tired to watch my negative self talk. I have tried to be nice to myself, but the week has been guest focused; taking them out places and generally socialising with them.

I have enjoyed the time out and about, the delicious meals, the opportunity to play with my camera a bit, but at the same time it’s been exhausting and I’ve taken little to no time for myself. Of course, not taking any time out has meant I struggled, I got grumpy and then I got angry at myself for being grumpy and rude.

So, sadly, this week has been a bit of a fail. I’ve overeaten and not taken care of, or listened to, my body, I’ve not taken care of my mind, and I’ve used up all my spoons, and borrowed a few from the next few days too!

I have 5 days before more guests arrive, 5 days to try to get back into a self-loving routine, 5 days to get back on track and prepare for the rest of the month. I need to learn how to deal with stress and people, maybe that should have been my aim during self-love September!

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  1. Sheri

    I’m a bit behind, catching up on my reading list. Reboot your self-love by being kind to yourself. So you had some blips, and yes (like me) you need down time from people-overload, but that’s ok…it’s definitely not a fail.

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