This week has been busy, hence my word of the week! We had guests arrive Monday afternoon, prior to that we were shopping for their arrival, making beds, hoovering, generally cleaning and tidying, etc. It was a bit manic!

Since the guests arrived we have, obviously, been busy. We’ve been out to our local gardens for a wander around there with them, to VitrĂ© to show them a pretty French town, on a walk around Pontmain and into the Basilica and tomorrow we’re off to Fougères with them to do the market, castle, shops, more gardens and general sight seeing.

It’s not going to stop anytime soon either, once these guests go on Sunday we have more arriving the following Friday so we’ll be spending the ‘downtime’ between guests doing the changeover of bedding, more cleaning, more shopping, etc. The next guests will be here for 10 days, so we’ll no doubt, weather permitting, be out and about doing tourist things.

It’s stressful for me, what with the socialising and lots of doing stuff and late nights, but also nice to get out more. I do enjoy doing things, getting out, seeing the local sights, playing with my camera and stuff. It’s a nice change from sitting on the laptop all day. Having said that, I couldn’t do it every day, long term. It’s a sad reminder that I’m still not mentally healthy, and it makes me wonder if I ever will be.


The Reading Residence


  1. The Reading Residence

    Sounds very busy, with little sign of any let-up in the near future, too. It must really take it out of you, it’s a shame there can’t be more balance as it sounds very full on right now. Hope you manage to enjoy some of it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Helena

    Your blog post reminds me of the lovely French markets my husband has introduced me to and makes me long to get back out there. My daughter was born this year though so all his family have been coming here instead. #wotw

  3. tracey at Mummyshire

    It sounds like it’s all coming at once!
    I do hope you enjoy your time out with your visitors, and take it easy

  4. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Socialising is So tiring isn’t it?! As for feeling mentally healthy, I fear it may it always be a case of take one day at a time. Enjoy the downtime in between visitors but get plenty of rest so you can enjoy them too x

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