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Self-Love September

September has arrived (actually it arrived a few days ago, but I’m behind!) and Kelly-Ann of The Four Queens is running Self-Love September again. Basically, the whole of the month of September is dedicated to learning and implementing tools to help you love yourself, and I am all for that, it’s something I know I need in my life and have been working on, or trying to work on it, for some time.

This being my first post on the topic this month, I’m including my declaration of my commitment to the month;

This September I commit to self-love; to trying to stop the negative self talk, to accepting myself as I am and to letting myself shine. I commit to this because I deserve it; because I deserve to be happy with myself, to love myself.

Part of my journey with self-love is my weight loss journey which will continue through September, for my physical and mental health I need to lose quite a lot of weight. Another part is teasing apart the real me from my mental illness and discovering who I am, and then learning to love that person. It’s a big job, a long job, but it’s also a really important job and I want to do it.

My main sticking points when it comes to what I really don’t love about myself are my body (all of it, because of my weight) and my struggle with my mental illness. They are the areas I want to really work on this month but I’ll, hopefully, be posting a variety of posts inspired by self-love the month goes by, if you have any suggestions for topics, please leave them in the comments!

Check out The Four Queens’ first self-love September video below, will you be joining in?


  1. Rachel In Real Life

    For me, self love is about taking time for myself to really switch off. I hope you discover tools that help you.

  2. Sheri

    This sounds perfect for me! Thanks for posting the link.

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