Another 100 word challenge post about depression from me. I am not currently depressed, but I still want to write about it, to bring attention to it. Not only that, but when I saw this week’s prompt (‘but it was there just a moment ago’), it was the loss of happiness that jumped into my mind, that was what I was inspired to write about.

I’m looking around, high and low, left and right, but it seems to have gone. But it was there just a moment ago, my happiness. Why now is it nowhere to be found? Lost. Buried under a mountain of negative emotions, pain, hopelessness.

It always happens this way; I am happy and then suddenly it is gone, and I cannot find it, not anywhere. It is a mystery to me, how no amount of looking will find it. It will reappear, as with other lost items, when it is least expected, forgotten.

I should stop looking, but I am scared.


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  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    I agree it’s important to keep writing about it…and remind people that the happiness isn’t lost forever x

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