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Dear So and So: Online Dating

Dear Nameless Online Dating Site,

I understand that launching a new service, in this case a dating service, can be hard. You want people to know about your brand, what you do, etc. That does not, however, make it OK to just sign up all the users of your old, completely different, non-dating, site to your new site without their consent.

online dating
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I may be late to the party on writing about this, but I only recently started receiving your emails. Baffled as to why I was getting emails from a dating service I never signed up to, I did some research (Googled/searched Twitter) and found out about your morally questionable methods.

I hadn’t used my old, non-dating site, account for donkey’s years, why did you think that I wanted to “keep in touch” with people I knew through your old site, and why did you think it was OK to not ask my permission before signing me up?

I am so mad, and shocked that this is not illegal. No one should be signed up to any site/newsletter/etc without their explicit consent. Can you imagine the damage you could have caused had I been in a relationship and found on your site? Do you think my partner would believe that I had never signed up? Did you just not think? Or do you not care?

So I have deleted my account, after having to input extra details just to get to the “my account” page so that I could delete it. And after I had to find instructions as to where you hid the “delete account” button.

I am disgusted by your morals and your actions. Had you not acted this way I would have chosen to use your site, as it is, I will never be visiting your site again, and I will advice any friends to stay away from you too.

Infuriated by your morals.
Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Rich

    I hate doing this. But I guess you consented when signing up to the old site.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      But this is a totally new site, they have closed down the old site and just moved everyone across to the new site, a dating site.
      Another friend has said that transferring details is illegal and you have to “opt in” so I’m going to look into it further

  2. Sheri

    This is awful. I agree that just because you were on the old site, doesn’t mean you consented to be on the new site!

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