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Online Dating: Profile Photos

red lips selfieThe profile picture. It’s a big deal in online dating; whether you have one or not, and how you look in it.

This is my current profile picture, to the right, I change it up pretty often because I change my hair/piercings/makeup/style pretty often and I like it to reflect the current version of me.

But what does it mean when someone doesn’t have a profile picture? It seems many people assume the person in question is married, I can understand why, but surely there are legitimate reasons to choose not to have a profile picture on a dating site?

A few days ago, I had a message from a 46 year old guy on a dating site, he had no photo. He mentioned the lack of photo in his message, his reason (or excuse) was that he was a teacher and didn’t want his pupils finding out he was using online dating websites. Fair enough, thought I, and shot him an email (he’d sent his email address, saying he was happy to send photos privately.)

He immediately replied with 2 photos. They were awful; one too dark to see him, and in the other he was looking away from the camera…

I let him off, looks aren’t everything, can you smell my desperation?!

We began chatting through email, right up until the money question appeared in my inbox; “Do you like sex?”

So, maybe the moral of the story is to steer clear of people without a profile picture? Maybe they are all married, or just after one thing.

But I’ve had the same problems with people who do have a profile picture! So I’m starting to think it’s just the French…

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  1. Sheri

    I was on a dating site where there was a Forum. People of both sexes were always complaining about the others’ dating pics and how unrealistic they were. Some truly were, some were spot on. I’m a take-me-as-I-am person, so I just could never understand the women who posted “glamour” shots or people who lied about their stats (body shape, height, etc). I once responded to a man who also had no pic, and he described himself as tall and good looking…he was the opposite, including rude. Oh well. Good luck!

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