Vlog Stars This or That

Vlog Stars: This or That

This month the Vlog Stars ladies have given us 25 pairs of things, and we have to decide which we’d prefer from each set! You may think this is simple, but some were really hard! So roll up and found out which I picked from the following options:

Coffee or Tea
Night out or Night In
Classical or Rock
Sweet or Savoury
Lipstick or Lip gloss
Morning or Evening
Dogs or Cats
Washing or Drying
Pattern or Plain
Star Wars or Star Trek
Spend or Save
Make up or Natural
Summer or Winter
Xfactor or The Voice
Heaven or Hell
Madonna or Lady Ga Ga
Eastenders or Corrie
Curry Sauce or Gravy
UK or Abroad
Box Set or TV
Book or Kindle
Bath or Shower
Take Away or Fakeaway
Big Pants or Thong
Fake Tan or Real Tan

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


  1. Mackenzie Glanville

    Like you the choice between tea and coffee was hard! Loved watching xx

  2. Sheri

    What a fun way to learn more about you! I love the bath/shower “…stewing in your own filth.” Me too!! I always feel like a boiled chicken, especially in a hot tub.

  3. Lukeosaurus And Me

    I had the same reaction on the Star Wars or Star Trek question!! It was a toughie! Also the box set point was good – no adverts, I just sit there for hours! Woop! Ray xx #VlogStars

  4. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Love your indecisiveness in some of these…it’s so hard choosing sometimes isn’t it?! I’m totally with you on the smell of books…totally mentioned that in mine too haha! #vlogstars

  5. You Baby Me Mummy

    Ha ha well friends ALWAYS share what pants they wear! 🙂 Thanks for joining in with #VlogStars xx

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