Amelia Jane

A new addition to our home

Yesterday, after our agility session, we found ourselves returning home with not just our 2 dogs, but a kitten too!

A totally unplanned addition to our home, but Mum fell in love with her immediately and so she came with us. Her name is Amelia Jane, she is just 7 weeks old and so beautiful! So my poem today is about her, it’s not the best one I’ve ever written, but it’s a little way to remember her first day with us.

TiLi, our youngest dog, isn’t really bothered by the new addition, she just wants to play with her. However, Rupert is jealous and therefore a bit grizzly. He’ll come round, I’m sure, but it will take time and lots of love. Hopefully when she is bigger and they’ve had chance to get to know each other more they will become best friends. We’ve had cats and dogs together so we know that they can get on with no problems, and both TiLi and Rupert were friends with Ginger Puss, our neighbour’s cat, who hung out with us all the time so they’re not new to cats.

A new addition to our house,
May she not catch too many a mouse!
Even though Rupert is jealous
LoveĀ is far more zealous.
I hope you will be happy here
And that Rupert you endear.

Just 7 weeks old, a mere baby,
And yet so smart, for certain, no maybe.
No fear, just joy and full of fun,
Everyone will love you, not a little but a tonne.

If anyone has any top tips on dealing with a jealous pooch, do please let me know, I will be Googling like crazy today trying to find some info on the subject!

Amelia Jane

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  1. Mackenzie Glanville

    Welcome kitty! We adopted 3 cats within a couple of months all rescue kittens, we were lucky that Holly-Rose didn’t bother about them. Maybe just give it time, Holly-Rose plays with them now, it is very cute. We also rescued another dog Stan and he likes them too. He even sleeps with one of the kittens. Good luck and enjoy cuddles xx

  2. Sheri

    OMG! I love kittens – so cuuuuute!!!

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