As is usual for me, my writing, my poem, is not just about the sunset, but about my mental illness, in this case my depression, I suppose it could also be about my bipolar, but it was inspired by my depression. I’m not overly confident with it, but it was my best attempt and that’s all I’ve got, all I can do is my best.

The photo is an old one from January 2012, but I adore the colours in it, the beautiful display that nature puts on. There were others I could have chosen, technically better photos, but they did not have the colours this one has, and they did not call to me to be shared, at least not yet!sunset

You can see the beauty of the sunset,
But it does not wake that part of your soul.

The sunset, beautiful and vibrant though it may be,
Is a precursor to the darkness.

And then…

It is dark.
Many would consider that a bad thing,
The darkness.
It is scary,
You can’t see,
When will it end?
It feels like it will go on forever.

But time passes,
How much time no one knows,
But, as it has a habit of doing, time passes.

And then…

It is beautiful.
Once more the colours light up the sky,
The sunrise,
An event worth worshiping,

It was dark,
But time passes.
Darkness passes.
And the light will come again.

The sun will rise,
Just as it will set,
That is how it is
That is the nature of it.

Prose for Thought


  1. Mummy Tries

    Love that photo Livi, the colours are so vivid. Hope you have light in your world at the moment. Hugs xx

  2. The Beesley Buzz

    that photo really is a special one – i see exactly what you mean about the colours in it and the contrast of the darkness. Your words are chosen so well to describe how those dark days can come and go. popping by from #Prose4T xxx

  3. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    You’re right about those colours 🙂

    Also right about the darkness passing. I remember thinking it never would, but with each bout, I know more that it will. A good analogy 🙂 x

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