Club Kylie week 3

Weight loss with Club Kylie: Week 3

This week has been better than last week; Friday saw me getting a bit more exercise than usual because we went to dog agility, and there was no ergotherapy this week because it was a national holiday on the day it should have been on, so my stress levels were lower.

I think I accidentally missed listening to my Chocoholic & Confidence pods one day but am not 100% sure! It wasn’t on purpose if I did though.

I have noticed I’ve been feeling less hungry now, and I feel more able to not overeat and to leave food that I can’t eat because I’m already full. This is new for me as I’m usually hungry a lot and if it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it.

I did stumble a little though and had some bananalicious ice cream and 2 hot chocolates on Sunday…

However, despite the stumble I have lost 2lbs this week! Hooray for more than a 1lb weight loss!

Club Kylie week 3
Thanks to our American friend for taking this photo

Current weight: 16stone 4lb

Positives of the week:

Monday – No snacking, no chocolate.

Tuesday – No snacking, no chocolate.

Wednesday – Didn’t pig out on cheese & crackers at lunch.

Thursday – Had fruit for pudding, drank a fair amount of water. No snacks, no chocolate.

Friday – No snacking, resisted having an alcoholic drink even though I fancied one.

Saturday – Didn’t overeat cheese & crackers at lunch, no snacks, only had 1 burger at dinner.

Sunday – Salmon for dinner instead of a roast, only had 2 potatoes with it.

This week’s goals:

  • Keep reducing portion sizes.
  • Lose at least 1lb.
  • Listen to confidence & chocoholic pod every day.
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  1. Sheri

    Good for you! Having just gone through this myself (with about 10 lbs to go) I know how difficult this is. I’m in your corner, cheering you on. Try not to deny yourself, unless it’s something you can’t just have a little of (I have that problem with Nutella). Portion control and activity are the key. By the way, ergotherapy sounds interesting. I’m assuming it works because it releases endorphins.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks sweety 🙂 Really appreciate your support. Am currently staring at a piece of Lion Bar cake…
      Yes I assume that’s how it works but I’m really struggling with it because of the people, hopefully it will get easier…maybe…!

  2. we3threblog

    it sounds like you have had a fantastic week. i love that you have listed the positives/good choices you have made each day, that’s a great idea that i may well steal!

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