jardins des renaudies


Haven – a place of safety or refuge.

I thought looking up the dictionary definition would help me write, would provide inspiration for a beautiful piece of poetry about flowers and nature and the wonder of it all.

It didn’t…

I have stared at a blank blog post for 5 hours now, I need to write something. Anything!

Based on the definition above, the house I live in would be classed as my haven, specifically my bedroom where I can hide away from society and recuperate after stressful events. But it’s not how I would describe it, in fact I explained recently in my post about where I live that I wouldn’t have chosen this house to live in.

It’s surprising really that it has become my safe place, I would never have guessed it would have 5 or so years ago. Back then my safe place was my house in the UK, back then my safe place was anywhere with my fiancé, how things change.

But it’s important to come out of our safe places, to push our boundaries, for me it is especially important because my life is so limited by my anxiety. If I stayed where I felt safe, I would rarely, if ever, go out, I would barely see people. I have to challenge myself to do things, to go outside my comfort zone, or my life would be even more pathetic than it is right now.

The photo is of no relevance to this post now…it would have been if I’d managed to write that beautiful poem I intended, but nothing came to me, because I am tired. Tired from leaving my comfort zone yesterday to visit the beautiful place in the photo below.

So, sorry for the random ramble there, but I am challenging my writers block, because I need to write, it helps to write, and it is so easy to just give in to that creative block and wait for it to pass. Not this time.
jardins des renaudies

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  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Looks a beautiful place to draw inspiration from, I’m sure you’ll go back 🙂

    I hate that it’s so exhausting to just go somewhere or even be slightly sociable. Anxiety is a cruel beast that saps our energy for doing anything that might make us feel better!

    Keep on keeping on and keep writing 🙂 x

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