Tour de France Peloton

Tour de France 2015

On Friday 10th July, some of the expats and I headed to our local bar for lunch and afterwards we ambled up to the crossroads to await the Tour de France’s arrival. It was stage 7, starting in Livarot and going through to Fougeres.

The village had turned out to cheer the riders on, and get some goodies from the caravans (parade) that comes through before the event itself.Tour de France crowd

Here’s our little group of expats who came out to see the event:
Tour de France expats

I’ve only shared a few of the photos of the parade here because I took quite a few! There were a huge variety of vehicles that came past, advertising various different brands. Some were just cars with things on the roof and some branding on them, others had gone all out!Tour de France Teisseirse

Tour de France Xtra

Tour de France Xtra cancan

Then, after some time waiting, the riders appeared. First a small group of front runners:
Tour de France

The the Peloton appeared! What a sight! It looked quite threatening, all those bikes and riders coming at you at serious speed! I was somewhat nervous, stood at the side of the road as they hurtled towards me. It’s no surprise that they have crashes with them all so close together!Tour de France Peloton

Tour de France Peloton

Tour de France Peloton

Tour de France rear

Tour de France Sky

It was definitely worth the wait and the sunburn! Even though it was all over in a few seconds it was an experience I’m glad I’ve had.

We got some goodies from the official store van that came through, and some other swag that was thrown from the caravans:Tour de France swagAnd here’s a short(ish) video of my day, the cyclists appear just over 10 minutes in if you want to fast forward to that!

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