Summer Life

Summer weather has hit us and we have been sweltering in the mid 30s this week (without air conditioning in our car when we went to pick up our guests), we have some family staying with us for a week and, with Mum off to the UK for a wedding this weekend, we will all be living it up! Lots of meals out and visits to various places.
The mosquito bites have started, despite the anti-mosquito spray! I am living in shorts and strappy tops, sitting under fans and am still sweating! Not that I’m complaining….much! I’m allowed to complain a little, right? I’m a British expat, weather complaining is part of my nature!

The prompt for this week’s Prose for Thought is ‘Life’ and here’s my thoughts on it the form of a little poem:

Summer is here, the weather is hot,
Guests arrive, do you have a slot?

The BBQ is out, gazebo too,
Most days the sky is bright blue.

Lots of dog walking, before it gets warm,
Routine is changed, not quite the norm.

Eating more salad and less hot meals,
Tootsies are out and so are my heels.

Occasional storms that make me squeak,
I’m not a fan, hope they don’t last the week!

Wearing less make-up so it doesn’t sweat off!
Hay fever kicking in, I sneeze and I cough.

The maize is growing, and so is the lawn,
Poor sleep due to heat, is making me yawn.

Drink lots of water, sweating is rife,
But still I am thinking I love summer life!
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  1. Sara | mumturnedmom

    It is very British of us to complain about the weather, although I try hard not to complain about the heat… I complain about the snow though 🙂 Great poem, sums up this kind of weather! #prose4t

  2. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Summer really does make every better – a bit hotter – but better! I love the poem. It puts it perfectly. Thanks for linking to last weeks Prose for Thought – hope to see you again this week xx

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