After ergotherapy

Dear So and So: Ergotherapy

Dear Me,

You rock!

After your baby steps last week you have taken this challenge by the balls and begun to take control.

I know it was hard, I know that the whole time you clenched your sweaty hands together, I know that you fell over many of your words, but you did it. You not only got in a car with strangers and then walked with them, but you talked a bit too, in French.

This is it, this is the start of your life. This is proof that one day, soon, you will be able to go out, alone, socialise with people, new people. Sure it will still be hard, but you’ll be able to do it.

So go you! Well done, hold on to this feeling. You have every right to feel proud, and happy. No, not happy, ecstatic!

This is it. This is the start of your life!

Lots of love,
A person who’s very proud of you!


Dear Anxiety,

I hope you’re afraid. I hope you feel how you’ve been making me feel for all those years. I hope you are shaking in your boots, because I am going to beat you.

I am getting stronger, not just by the day, but by the second. I know you are a tough opponent, but I have the strength to beat you now.

This is it for us. It’s over.

But not for much longer!


Dear Psychiatrist & Co,

Thank you. Thank you for listening to me and reducing my medication. Thank you for providing me with ergotherapy so I can learn to deal with my anxiety on my own terms. Thank you for being understanding with me, taking care of me and letting me take it slowly, baby step by baby step. Thank you for not putting pressure on me to do it last week, for letting me do it my way. Thank you for bringing me out of myself as much as was possible today.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to rebuild my life.

A very thankful patient (or is that ‘service user?!’)
Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Michelle Twin Mum

    Ohh this sounds so posiive, well done. How great this ergotherapy is working for you. Mich x

  2. hannah

    Oh this has made me very happy to read, especially after writing my dear so and so post. I’m so pleased for you. This is indeed it. I wish you all the strength in the world to kick anxieties butt x

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