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I have a bit of a thing for derelict buildings, so what better time to share (or possible reshare) some photos of them than for The Gallery. There’s something about them that attracts me to explore them and take photos of them. I especially love the way nature reclaims them; proving that man is not all powerful, we are a passing phase and when we are gone, nature will still be here.

This photo is a ruin of a house in Pontmain, along one of the walks we sometimes take the dogs on. Every time we go it is a little more dilapidated and overgrown, stunning.


And this is a shack that is literally across the road from my house. It fascinates me, and every time I walk past it I have a nose at what else has changed; the tree growing through the roof makes it creak, the door has fallen off since this photo, and slowly it is being made more and more beautiful in my eyes. Each time I pass another slate has fallen off the roof or more grass or plants have grown up inside. It’s amazing to watch the transformation.

Do you prefer fancy castles and mansions or are you fond of a good shack like me?

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  1. Steve

    Same as me. I love derelict building. I cannot put my finger on it, but there is something about them that I love. Thats why I used to do urban exploring before my back was too bad.

  2. Molly

    I love these old buildings too. You have much more of them where you are than we do in England where they are a rare thing and often impossible to get access to


    1. Mrs TeePot

      Very true, there are so many houses left to rack and ruin here. It’s a shame really, but also lovely to photograph!

  3. Libby Price

    They are great buildings – if only the walls could talk…….

  4. Outside The Click

    Fantastic. I also have a love for old derelict buildings.

  5. Tara

    Ooo yes I love a good shack. Makes me fantasize about who lived in it and why it’s now ramshackle!

  6. Susan Mann

    Those are awesome, they look magical. #thegallery

  7. kelloggsville

    do you wonder about who has lived there, what happiness, what sadness? Lovely post Liv.

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