New piercings & a date

This afternoon I headed to Laval, quietly pooping my pants, for a date with another Frenchman.

He arrived nearly half an hour late…he’d gone to the wrong mall. Forgiveable as he didn’t know Laval, he lives elsewhere and had travelled, as I had, to meet me. I recognised him from his photo, always a good sign, and he sat down and we got chatting. He was very chatty, asking questions, laughing, telling me a bit about himself too. It was relaxed and nice, but he was very quietly spoken which made hearing him above the background music and noise of the café difficult, not only because he was speaking French!

After a drinky and a chat I pretty much knew that I’d be happier to be friends with him than anything else. While he seemed nice, there was no ‘click,’ no magic, no thunderbolt. We went for a wander to McDonald’s (yuck!) for him to grab something to eat, and this was where his fate was sealed; he couldn’t work the self service, touch screen, doodad. We were doomed!

We did have another nice chat, while he tried to persuade me to have a BBQ with him tonight, meet up with him again next weekend or even go to visit him and spend the weekend there…hold your horses luv!

We parted ways, he asked me to text him, I said I would…now I have to decide how to phrase the message that needs to be sent to explain he’s just not the one for me.

As a celebration though, for my bravery in the face of dating, I popped to the jewellers where I got my ears pierced almost a year ago. There was a queue but I waited, hands getting sweatier and more shaky as time went on! Finally I was front of the queue and bam! In I went with some terrible French that amounted to “I’m English, Sorry…I have a picture…” Turns out they could do what I wanted, and I got a discount, winning!

So here I am with another 2 piercings. In the car on the way home I was a bit “OMG! What have I done?!” but then I was like that when I had my first set too! Now I’m in love with them already and can’t wait for them to heal so I can change them up and get creative with my ear designs!


new ears

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  1. Morgan Prince

    Well done you. Shame about the guy not being for you but those earrings are awesome. 🙂 Love your ‘Shine’ necklace too! 🙂

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