dear so and so

Dear So and So: ExPat

Dear people with an NHS,

Please be thankful for it. You have no idea how expensive healthcare is, and even how expensive health insurance is. I would love to have a national health system now, I realise just how important it is.

Missing the NHS greatly



Dear Other Expats,

I have no idea how, or indeed why, you do it. Why you chose to move to an unknown country, and how you manage to get by day to day. I admire you, and I wish I understood how you do it.

A Baffled Expat



Dear France,

The longer I spend in you, the less I like you. I know when I first arrived I was thankful for the peace and quiet and, with rarely going out, I had no issue with the strange customs, but now I cannot deal with the language barrier, the distance between everything/everywhere, the completely different social niceties and rules. Basically, it is too much and I would be very appreciative if you would be more British so it was all easier to deal with.

Many Thanks,
A Reluctant Expat



Dear UK,

God I miss you. I miss your things to do, your language, your social customs that make sense (and those that don’t!). I miss your food, your coffee, your shops.

A Sad Expat
Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart

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