dear so and so

Dear So and So: Alcoholic Edition

Dear Alcohol,

Stop making me feel so good, you are making it difficult to resist you.

Fast becoming an alcoholic.



Dear Medication,

I take you religiously, despite your awful side effects that seem to be destroying my brain, why are you not working? Why am I falling back into this emotional mess?

Confused and angry, but medicated.



Dear Brain,

Please get a grip. Please stop it. Please let me live.

I am so done. I am giving up. I just want to be me, whatever that means. I just want to feel ‘normal.’

I don’t want to turn to alcohol just to feel like myself, like an average person, like a functional person but I am desperate. I am fed up of feeling ill, of being ill. I cannot do it anymore, I cannot be that ill friend, that ‘crazy’ friend anymore. I am fed up of letting people down, of cancelling last minute, of wasting people’s money, of wasting people’s time and emotion.

Why have you let me get in this mess again? Why can’t you fight harder? Why are we failing, flailing, again?



Dear Mental Illness,

Please let me go.

Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Michelle Twin Mum

    Oh Livi, I can hear the desperation in your post. I’m so sorry you are in the grips of this illness, I pray your medication starts to work better and allows you to feel well and in control. Mich x

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thank you. ‘This too shall pass’ and meanwhile I’ll keep fighting.

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