General Election 2015

I did not plan to write about the General Election, but I cannot ignore it. I cannot let this result go by without expressing my feelings about it. This morning I came downstairs to see the Tories in the process of winning a majority, my heart sank.

Dear Britain,

I hope you’re proud.

I hope you’re proud that you chose another 5 years of innocent people dying needlessly; starving to death because they can’t afford to eat, freezing to death because they can’t afford to heat their home, taking their own lives because there is no future, no support, for them. I hope you never find yourself ill or poor, because no one will be there for you.

I hope you never find yourself in need of the NHS. Do you know how expensive health care is? Tests, consultations, medication, it all costs money, money that soon you will have to find should you find yourself struggling health wise. I hope you sleep easy and are not burdened by thoughts of those people suffering with physical or mental illnesses who will soon not be able to afford their treatment and may die of their illness, or suffer in unimaginable pain.

I hope you never find yourself out of work, or on a zero hours contract, struggling to make ends meet financially. I hope you never have to visit a food bank to feed yourself or your children.

You had the chance for change. The chance to tell those in power that everybody is important, that everybody deserves to be cared for, and you didn’t.

I don’t know what you expect from this government. I don’t know if you just don’t care about the people who need you to care about them, or whether you are all rich, healthy and selfish. Maybe you just haven’t seen the reality of what they have done, even while being reined in by the Lib Dems.

I am baffled, to be honest, by your choice. It has taken me hours to try to make sense of it. I still can’t. I see only darkness for Britain for the next 5 years now, and I cannot even feel protected from it here in France because now I fear that after the EU referendum I may be forced to return to a home that is being destroyed and no longer feels like home.

So Britain, I hope you’re proud, and I hope you don’t suffer nearly as much as I expect you will under Tory rule.

Good luck.

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