1. Stephanie Robinson

    Love that triangular plant in the second photo – is it a tulip? #hdygg

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I honestly have no idea what it is, I’m not in charge of gardening! lol! I just sit and admire!

  2. Gemma Garner

    Lovely photos 🙂 Nice to see lots of colour appearing – especially the leaves in your first photo.

  3. Ness

    I have a Forest Flame in my garden which I dug up and brought with us from our old house. I love the flashes of colour it brings to a garden.

  4. Mammasaurus

    Loving your pink leaves ( #notaeuphemism ) in the top shot, it’s so good to see colour creeping back into the garden again isn’t it? So lovely of you to join in this week *rolls out the red carpet* (again #notaeuphemism )

  5. Laura Taylor

    Lovely garden. Burning bush are lovely for a pop of colour. Those black/blue flowers are amazing and the triangle. Very interesting. ☺

  6. Amanda

    Lovely splashes of colour

  7. doris

    gorgeous blooms! and such a lovely variety of color!

  8. Katie

    I love that first plant. I have been admiring many of those lately. They seem to be at their best, whatever they are!

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