On Walking

WalkingI have no idea if I’ve written about this before but, after a 2 hour walk yesterday, I wanted to blog about it, so if you’ve heard this moan before, I apologise!

I hate walking.

I know it’s good for me. I know it will (hopefully) help me lose weight. I know it builds stamina & strength. But I also know the following; it gives me serious headaches & it puts me in an awful, angry, mood.

I have no idea why it causes those things. I am convinced it is not dehydration. But the longer the walk, the worse the headache and mood get. I managed about half an hour, I think, before the headache started to set in yesterday. The bad mood? Well that pretty much kicks off immediately, in a mild way, but gradually builds until I feel myself wanting to yell, kick and scream at people, hating the world, hating everything, mostly myself, for, once again, thinking it was a clever idea to go walking.

I walk the dogs most afternoons, just a short walk up the road, a toilet break for them, maybe a 20 minute stroll. I can handle that, sort of. I still feel my mood struggling, but it is manageable, it is a fight I can win. On longer walks it isn’t, I totally lose control to that rage inside me, and then the depression that follows.

Basically, it sucks.

I have found yoga though, while I am still baffled by many of the terms (“grounding down,” “upward currents of energy”?) and find myself stuck doing the same, beginners, routine each time I practice, it is exercise I can do that doesn’t cause me problems. In fact it is strengthening my back, which is much needed. It doesn’t leave me crying like to 30 Day Shred did, it doesn’t leave me raging like walking does, and it doesn’t stress me out. Overall I enjoy my yoga. But that alone is not going to shift any weight. So I do need to do these longer walks, but god how I hate them, and how they make me feel.

Tell me I’m not alone?


  1. laura

    I am the exact opposite walking is my favourite thing to do and the only form of exercise I enjoy. Do you take your camera along? I find if I am looking for things to photograph I enjoy it more or even listening to music.
    I can do some yoga moves downward facing dog warrior and sun salutation. I need to start doing a little yoga again.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I do take my camera, but as the headache gets worse I get less inclined to use it because I feel so fed up.
      I do enjoy my yoga though.

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