The suitcase lay open

With only a few hours left before she left, the suitcase lay open still only half packed. Every time she folded something to put in it she pondered whether going back was really a good idea. Sure she loved it, every second it, of being back in her home country, but the leaving…Oh god, the leaving felt like tearing a part of her soul out.

Despite having been an expat for several years now she still felt desperate pangs for her own country; for the place she’d grown up, where she understood the customs and language, where she fitted in.



  1. Susan

    Yep! You nailed the expat experience. Well done!

  2. Michael

    I think you express what so many feel. Well done.

  3. Tess

    Home will always be home and what the heart wants. Do I go or do I stay. Such a tug of inner war. Marvelous. 🙂

  4. Aileen

    Oh yes, I can associate with this one. A real pull at the heartstrings.

  5. Judee

    I definitely sympathize here – I moved from Texas to Switzerland, and going back for visits was both wonderful and difficult in so many ways. So true!

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