Power Porridge Lasting Change

Power Porridge for #LastingChange

Today is Comic Relief day and for the past few days 3 bloggers have been in Kenya to discover what Comic Relief are doing to create lasting change in the area.

On Sunday they visited the Omega Foundation where groups of women create “power porridge” for themselves and also to sell to bring in some income. Comic Relief helps fund this fabulous project and that’s thanks to you!

These ladies in Kenya make Power Porridge to boost their own nutrition and to sell as extra income thanks to Comic Relief #LastingChange

Power Porridge Lasting Change

Why not take a minute today to share your own social postcard on social media, just hop over to http://teamhonk.org/category/lastingchange/ and you can learn about how girls who play football are changing their future, how Comic Relief helps mothers with HIV in Kenya and find out more about Power Porridge and lasting change. All you need to do to spread the word is choose a photo and share it with the hashtag #lastingchange on Facebook, or Twitter, or anywhere else you socialise online!

Let’s spread the word about the Lasting Change that Comic Relief is creating.


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