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Online Dating: The one with the small…

A few more online dating stories for you today.

First the man who is complicated, so complicated he can’t find anyone. He’s also so honest that he feels the need to inform you that he has “a very small sex” after a very short conversation…Should I have given him respect for being honest? Because I didn’t! I ran a mile!

Next up, yet another man who thinks it’s ok to ask what I’ve been doing with regards to my “needs” since my break up many years ago. Interestingly he was the guy who lived 9 HOURS away and was all up for coming to visit me once and boom, commitment!

Finally there was the guy who didn’t understand being too keen. Everytime he was on Facebook I got a message, along with messages on the dating website I’m on, and on Skype. I sense if he had my phone number I would have been texted as well. I tried to tell him that he was just coming on too strong, but despite him saying he’d leave it for me to contact him, he still messaged me. I finally gave myself permission to block him today.

What am I learning from online dating? That it’s hard! For every good egg (that I haven’t yet found), there are hundreds of weirdos, users and people who only want a casual relationship. I’m also learning I need to be firmer, to establish boundaries and be strong in saying no.

Any top tips during my online dating saga?

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