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Online dating it a tough game. Lots of fish in the pond, most of them after the wrong thing, not your type, your type but they don’t like you…bah, so many hurdles to overcome! So my online dating dilemma today is one of profile photo, the main one. How on Earth do you choose a photo that says “I want to be married, after a period of getting to know you. I’m open minded but have a good idea what I want. I don’t want to be your one night stand” and the gazillion other things that I want to get across before their first message pops into my inbox.

P1020054I personally like this photo, apart from my glasses which are in the process of turning into sunnies because of the sunshine! I think it makes me look a bit slimmer, cheery and has a little flesh on show but not too much.




This photo got a lot of positive comments when I posted it on Facebook, other people seemed to like it. I hate it. I think my face looks fat, my teeth are wonky, it’s generally awful. However it is probably the truest representation of me right now, but do I really want a true representation on a dating site?


Online Dating PicThis is the photo I had Mum take after watching the video that I shared in my post Online Dating: The saga continues, it has loads of flesh on show, a, hopefully, friendly smile, and a slimmed down face. But essentially it’s a photo which is all about the boob, and I’m more than boob. But in such a big pond maybe boob is what will make me stand out?

walking selfieFinally there’s this one. another one that I like but I feel it gives a false impression, mainly because it looks like I enjoy walking. I don’t. I do it, but I don’t like it, at all. I also like that you can’t see my wonky teeth, and my hair is hidden so it doesn’t matter what colour I dye it in future, it’s still a trueish representation of me.

But what do you think? Which photo would you put as your main picture on an online dating site? What do you think is needed to stand out in the crowd and reel in a nice suitor?

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  1. steve

    I like the second pic. The “wonky” teeth look great and natural. I really don’t know why you DON’T like it, other than most people (women) never like pics. I may well be biased in my opinions of you and how you look. But surely someone that is actively looking for someone who is bright lovely and funny must think the same as I think. You say you look fat, well being fat is all relative. I’m. Not fat compared to a grizzly but I am stood next to an anorexic. You’re not going to 6st so accept the fact that like me you’re going to be curvy and wear it with pride. You have TONS going for you its now down to others to see what I see and also for YOU (as you’re the most important) to see what others see. Yes we like you so are slightly biased but we’re not stupid. You’ll know when something is right and it just sorta clicks into place. Just go with the flow and open up a bit. Don’t assume the next will be like the last


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