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Online Dating: The Saga Continues!

Yesterday I thought I’d hop on to my online dating site of choice, where I have become a newly paid up member, to see what I could see on the man front. Maybe chat to some of them, send some emails, generally, y’know, use the services I’m paying for…

So on I hop, and a chap grabs me on the IM (instant messenger) on there, he’s not a looker but his profile makes him seem like a nice guy. We chat about what we do in life, hobbies, style of dress…whether I wear make up…whether I like foot massages…(none of this is firing off alarm bells for me by the way, it should be!) because then we get onto “what lingerie do you wear? I told my ex to wear g-strings.”

At that point the alarm bells finally went! I told him that was totally inappropriate and left the conversation. Where do these people get off? Not only chatting about his ex, but about her underwear and about what he, presumably, would have wanted me to wear! What?!

Next up was the guy who¬†popped up in my IM just to ask if penis size mattered…no “Hi, how are you?” nothing, that’s all he wanted to know. Needless to say he didn’t get an answer!

Online Dating PicAnd finally was the over the top guy who sent at least 4 messages to each 1 I sent! And then, when I pointed out that I didn’t fit in his specified weight limit, he said “But you’re not obese either!”

I despair! So after watching a TED talk about ‘hacking’ online dating (embedded below), I’ve redone my profile. I have added some of they key words that men seem to hone in on as well as uploading a shameless new picture, and a full length one too. Now my profile reads a bit more positively, I hope, rather than being a bit bland and too informative.

Let’s see who appears next…

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