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Taking responsibility for your own happiness

What would your life be like if you started taking more responsibility for your own happiness?

This is another tough one for me, I do try to be happy, to think more positively, but when you suffer with depression it’s hard to change that negative thinking. Excuses, excuses right?!

But anyway, that’s not the topic, the topic is what my life would be like if I did/could start taking more responsibility for my own happiness, and, naturally, I think it would be a lot better. I imagine that I would feel happier overall, if only from feeling more in control of my emotions.

I imagine I would fight to find/do things that bring me happiness, that I would surround myself only with people who are good and kind, and that I would feel less guilty about taking time for myself to focus on my inner self.

It’s definitely something I aim to do at some point, something that I want to be able to do, but first I need to get a grip on all my other issues and manage my negative thinking. Top tips most welcome!

This post was inspired by The Four Queens 20 self love journal prompts.

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