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Pastimes and Activities

Which three pastimes or activities tend to offer you the most satisfaction, contentment and flow? Write about why these activities are important in your life.

I covered this a little in my walk your joy path post, but as it’s a separate prompt I’m going to try to write on it again.

The first of my three activities that offer me the most satisfaction is dance. When I was younger I danced a lot, in my room, downstairs when my parents weren’t about, nothing fancy, no mad moves, but I loved it. I felt connected with my body, I felt happy and energised. Now though, I don’t dance, there isn’t space in my current room and, to be honest, I don’t think I’d know how to start any more. I did go to ballroom dance lessons for a bit with my mum, it was great, but it wasn’t the same as putting on my favourite tunes and letting go. I think I’ve forgotten how to let go now though, definitely something I need to work on bringing back in to my life.

The second of my three activities that I love is writing. I find that writing helps me get some of me emotions out, it helps me try to make sense of what I’m feeling and helps me connect with my emotions and my thoughts. At the same time and it can bring me pain though, there are times I have sat crying while writing because it has brought up painful emotions again. Even with that said though, it’s still something I adore.

The final of my three activities is very hard to decide on. It occurs to me that there are not enough things in my life that give me ‘satisfaction, contentment and flow.’ I would love for yoga, or walking, or something like that to be on my list but I struggle a lot with those things. I’d also love for crafting to be on my list, but I suck at that! So my the final one of my activities is baking/cooking. I really enjoy making cakes and goodies to eat, I find it quite therapeutic to be in the kitchen, and I love to have that (hopefully) delicious thing to show for my work too. Again it’s something that doesn’t happen very often nowadays, I occasionally whip up a banana bread or a pasta bake, but my mum enjoys cooking too much to let me in the kitchen! So while I adore cooking and baking it is, again, something that is now missing from my life.

This post was inspired by The Four Queens 20 self love journal prompts.

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