The Prompt: Beauty

Beauty is not a size. Nor is it a shape, or a BMI. Beauty is not with or without make-up. Beauty is not the latest trends, or a vintage look.

Beauty, for me, is what is inside. I know beautiful women, so many beautiful women, who are beautiful because their internal good shines out from them. It gives them an aura that creates beauty. They may not be a size 0, or an hourglass figure, or go running every day, but my god are they beautiful.

And this is what I must learn in regards to myself; that my size and my lack of ability to run for a bus has no bearing on my beauty. That no matter what people may say to knock my confidence I must hold on to the knowledge that beauty comes from within. It is not just skin deep. And I hope that when that really sinks in and I can love myself as I am, that then I will be in a place to lose weight for the right reasons.

the prompt


  1. mummyshambles

    Good post!
    You have to love who you are for everything else to fall into place.
    That said, it’s taken me 44 years to feel comfortable with myself and that’s despite an early menopause! x

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    I couldn’t agree more, beauty for me really does come from within, a genuine smile, kindness, humour. These are the things that make people beautiful. Great post Livi, thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  3. Chrissie (Kristina)

    That’s a tough lesson, but I think your beauty shines through in your recognition of what beauty truly is. X

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