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For the ExPat Experience we’re going on a whistle-stop tour of my three favourite places that I’ve spent a lot of time. I pondered including Russia but as I’ve never lived there, only holidayed there, I didn’t. I’ve stuck to places where I have spent a lot of time.

Let’s jet off!


Fougères is a small city, local to where I am currently living in France. It’s a place I love to visit for various reasons, one of which is the large chateau there. It also has a beautiful public gardens to walk round, and from the top of them you can see part of the city spread beneath you. A stunning view.

There are also a few shops I like to pop into when we head out that way; Mim, Foir Fouille and Noz. I love a bit of shopping 😉
City View
More images of Fougères.


We usually visit Spain once a year, the past 2 years we have stayed in the same apartment, and local to us there is Maro. There are two things I adore about Maro, one is a little restaurant (La Entrada) that serves spaghetti with prawns and garlic, so simple but delicious! The second thing I adore is the beach. It’s only a small beach, and in peak season I imagine it is packed with tourists, but when we go in winter it is so quiet and so beautiful. In March, when it starts getting warmer, a beach restaurant opens up too which is fab! If you are in the area I highly recommend a visit!

Maro Beach


For our final stop off on this whirlwind tour of my favourite places, we’re heading to the UK. To my home town, a place where a lot of bad stuff went down, but nevertheless, it is a wonderful little town and while I personally have too many negative memories attached to it now to really appreciate it, I would suggest you pop by to admire the black and white buildings there, and the lovely feel of this old town.

My photo to represent Nantwich is of Acton church, actually outside of Nantwich but it was my local church, where I was baptized, planned to marry, went each Sunday for a lot of my childhood, and where my mum’s side of the family rests. A special place.

Acton Church


Where are your three favourite places in the world?


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