Blog your heart out

blog your heart outWho/What encouraged you to start blogging?

I don’t really remember to be honest. I think it was just a case of “all the cool kids are doing it, I’ll try!”

How did you choose what to blog about?

I didn’t. I blog about everything, my life, experiences, thoughts, etc. I never made a conscious decision to blog about X, Y or Z, I just blog and that’s it.

What is something most people don`t know about you?

I think if you read my blog you probably know more about me than I do, so I really don’t know what to put here!

What three words describe your style?

Blogging style I assume? I guess honest, open and spontaneous.

What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

You will mostly find me socialising on Twitter all day! That sounds awful, doesn’t it!

If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged! And thanks to Nickie for tagging me!

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