C is also for Candles!

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candleAs I sit writing this I have two candles burning; one on my altar and one on my desk. I find them relaxing, pretty to look at and, in some cases, deliciously smelly! So when I was offered the opportunity to review some candles from Scented Candle I leapt at the chance!

I hopped over to their website to browse the huge variety of candles they have on offer, and what a variety there is! From scented candles to advent candles, to general purpose candles, even candle related accessories, it’s all there! Because of that I had a bit of a hard time deciding what I wanted, but eventually I picked out a variety of coloured candles for use on my altar, a gold Christmas tree candle for my mum and a baked cookie scented candle.

The website is easy to navigate so if you’re looking for something specific you can easily find it, or if you just want to browse you can do that too.

Prices are reasonable in my opinion, and the candles I’ve got are burning really well.

I’m really pleased with my candles, one thing I must say though is that my baked cookie scented one doesn’t smell of baked cookie. I picked it because it’s a scent I haven’t seen before so I wanted to try it, but, while it smells nice, it’s not a cookie scent.

My top tip for ordering is to get a ruler out so you know what sort of size you’re getting, there are a variety of sizes available and I’m glad that I didn’t go for the large ones as I the medium size that I picked are pretty big anyway. The size of the candles are given on each listing, it’s just that my judgement of size isn’t all that good!

The colours of the candles are lovely, the pink I have is more reddish, but against the red one I have you can see it is pink. The rest are very true to the colour promised.

Overall the I’m very happy with the candles and will certainly be using again when I run out of candles! Or if I decide to buy a nice snuffer!

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