Tiger Lily

Sharing Happiness: TiLi

I am guilty of missing the last one (or possibly 2?) sharing happiness linkups, I’ve been super busy and blah blah blah! Excuses, excuses, right?!

Anyway, this month I’ve been having some issues with my anxiety playing up, this has taken over a lot of my thinking and as such made me wonder what I could share that’s made me happy this month, and then I remembered the little ball of trouble that is keeping us all occupied! So this month, TiLi is my happiness!

Tiger Lily

She bounces around like a little lamb, charges around at speeds you wouldn’t believe possible and snuggles like she never wants to leave! She is completely adorable and making life that little bit easier.


  1. Super Busy Mum

    How adorable is TiLi! She looks like such a sensitive soul too. x

  2. My Two Mums

    What a cutie! Thanks so much for linking up.

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