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Can you fall in love over the internet?


I’ve been thinking about this for a while, years in fact, but I thought I’d blog about it because…well…that’s what I do!

I’ll preface this by saying that I completely believe that you can fall in love over the internet, without meeting someone. The internet is an amazing thing, it allows us to be in constant contact, to get to know people in far flung places, to see them, hear them, everything but touch them really, and I think that makes it incredibly easy to find people to fall in love with too.

Anyway, as is my want, I put this question out to the interwebs (Twitter and G+); “Can you fall in love with someone without meeting them?” and you came back with your thoughts. Of course I am keeping in mind that putting the question out on the internet will no doubt get a somewhat biased response, I’m sure asking people on the street may see more varied view points.

Here are some of the Twitter thoughts:


@MrsTeepot Course you can. Nowadays anyway. You can get to know someone intensely before even meeting them face to face.

Major Mustard (@major_mustard) March 16, 2014

@MrsTeepot yup, the internet has made it more and more possible for this to happen

Fyremane Foxx (@FyremaneFoxx) March 16, 2014

@MrsTeepot it does happen and in many cases works

Steve (@SteveinMarsden) March 16, 2014

@MrsTeepot the net is just like a pub or social club only with a lot more people in. So ANYTHING that can be done in rl can be same online

Steve Farndale (@SJF102) March 16, 2014

And I have to say I agree with these thoughts. However there was an opposing view that aired on Google+:

No because how can you love someone despite their flaws if you have never been able to see them.

loveonlineNow this I have to disagree with, because people can hide their flaws even when you live with them. Having been in a relationship with someone who hid the fact he was a liar and a cheat for a year, maybe more, I do wonder how well you can ever know someone whether you live in close quarters with them or if you’ve never met? There are people out there who will deceive in whatever capacity you know them, and there are those who put themselves out there completely, be it on the web or in person.

So personally, I completely believe in falling in love over the internet. I know people who have built relationships across oceans and made it work, eventually managing to get together in person and live their happily ever after. It happens, and I think it probably happens a lot more than people realise now, because with the world so opened up now, what’s to stop you finding “the one(s)” instead of just finding someone local who you get on with? Not to say there’s anything wrong with settling down with someone local, but I’d rather have crazy, head over heels love with someone a way away than a more subtle love with someone who happens to be close by.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how much long distance sucks, I’ve done it, I’ve been there, the not being able to touch someone you love is beyond hard, but that feeling of total devotion and adoration, that is worth it for me. So I guess the long and short of it is, it comes down to each individual, as usual, but I think if you give it a chance then anything can happen!

What do you think? Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?


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