What I Wore Wednesday: Chilly In Spain

I’ve been meaning to take part in What I Wore Wednesday again for ages but keep either forgetting to take photos on the days I wear something nice or going a week without wearing something nice!

Anyway, I’m back this week with a boring outfit but one I wore to get my hair done, which is mainly why I took the photos, because I love my slightly changed hair do! lol!

I’m wearing a cardigan from Mim (France) because it was a bit chilly, jeans from Dunnes which were cheap but are comfy and fit, yay! And new shoes, yes they are trainers with heels and I don’t care if you hate them, I adore them! They’re from C&A. The Red top under my main top is also from Mim and my main top is from somewhere that will remain a mystery as it’s old and I cut the label off yonks ago *sigh*.

What I Wore Wednesday

And because you can’t really see my awesome new hair in those photos, here’s a close up!

New Do

And because I want to show off my new shoes a bit more, here’s a second outfit, in fact what I’m wearing today. I’m really unhappy with my weight at the moment and these pictures probably show why (I’m actually breathing in…), so please be nice, once I’m out of this stressful period in my life I’m going to focus on weight loss but I can’t do everything.

Also, how cool are my bargainous (1 euro!) ears!


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