Not overly happy with this piece but I wanted to share as we’re coming up to Time To Talk Day. I was hoping to get across the courage it takes to fight depression, or any illness, every day but I don’t think I’ve managed it. Maybe you can relate a little though?

Courage they say,
Is not always the roar
But the quiet voice that whispers

I will try again.

Courage, I know,
Is the strength it takes
To face each day when depression


Courage, you see,
Is not always obvious,
You may think I am weak

But I have courage.


  1. Steve

    Very nicely put

    1. Sarah

      I agree I think this poem is a lovely way to describe mental illness

  2. Sarah

    I think you have captured the essence of what it is to live with depression, and the quiet courage it takes to get through every day, good or bad.


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