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Sharing Happiness: Family

I saw the post for the new sharing happiness link up over at My Two Mums and knew I needed to take part. I’m quite a negative person naturally, I have depression which probably doesn’t help, and I do tend to focus on the negatives in life so sharing once a month something(s) that have really made me happy will do me the world of good, I’m sure!

This month I’m sharing the most important thing in life; family. We have our ups and downs for sure, but my family are always there for me. And I don’t just mean my blood family (human and furry), I mean my family of choice too, including friends I’ve yet to meet in person, who pick me up when I’m down and cheer me on through my struggles.

So this is a very short post to celebrate everyone who has been there for me through the really tough times (and there have been many of those!) and into my recovery. Thank you. Thank you for standing by and helping me to help myself.

sharing happiness


  1. My Two Mums

    Thanks so much for linking up. I agree that sharing something happy once a month can help increase good vibes 🙂 It’s so nice to be grateful for the fab friends and family you have around you.

  2. Donna

    That may have been short but it was lovely and full of sentiment. Looking forward to reading your happy posts in the months to come! x

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