Zafarraya Pass

Zafarraya Pass

The interwebs and a good friend tell me that the Zafarraya Pass is an important, historical site. A place through which Neanderthal Man traveled and where many digs have taken place. Because of this I’ll admit I was expecting a tourist tat stall and a visitors center up there, at the very least some laminated information sheets in various languages.




There’s a small area for car parking and a bit of train track and some picnic tables. But aside from a stone with a bit of information on they got nothing. In a way I suppose that’s great; the whole place remains unspoiled and natural, you can wander and enjoy the beautiful scenery without the normal bustle you get at tourist spots, but surely it deserves some sort of something to tell people about it?!

Anyway, here are some photos and a video from my trip up there so you can see for yourself what I saw…and how windy it was up there!

Zafarraya Pass

Zafarraya Pass train track

Zafarraya Pass

Have you been to the Zafarraya Pass? What did you think?

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