The ExPat Experience: Feeling At Home

Write about what you did to make yourself feel at home. Did you bring anything special with you or do something in particular? End with three tips that you think may help others feel at home after a big move.

When I first moved over I brought with me a lot of stuff. In fact we packed the car with lots of my stuff; photos, mementos, etc and brought as much as we could.

I moved into my parents home so it wasn’t the same as moving into a brand new home, but I still decorated (well, my parents did!) my room to make it my own space and help me settle in. It’s important to put your stamp on the place. We wallpapered and set up a desk for me and made what was the spare room look like my room, somewhere I could relax and feel safe and happy.

For some having a care package of goodies like food that you can’t get in your new country will help too. I used to be a big tea drinker (hence the name!) and came armed with tonnes of lovely tea bags, now I’m settled I’m more a coffee drinker having taken on board that aspect of my new life.

I don’t have much else to offer (again) this week. I know some topics will lead to me writing long posts though so I hope that you’ll enjoy those!

My three tips to make you feel at home after a big move are:

1) Put up your photos: nothing beats seeing the faces of those you love around you.
2) Decorate: if you can, change things! Whip out your paintbrush and make your new home look just how you want it.
3) Create routine: either a new routine or stick with your old routine, but create something that reminds you that some things don’t change.


  1. Molly @ The Move to America

    Love the tips! I am just about to do something with the photographs I brought with me (have been meaning to for a while) and I found getting into a routine really helped – I have sort of floundered a bit with it lately, but I am getting back into it and feeling all the more better for it.

    Thank you so much for joining the linky!

  2. Lou's Lake Views

    Great tips, I agree completely and I really should do more decorating! There’s nothing like a care package to help when you’re feeling a little homesick.

  3. Jade

    These tips are fantastic! I totally agree with trying to create a new routine as familiarity breeds comfort!

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